TOEIC Recipe

Ryan Wiley TOEIC

TOEIC is a business English test. Almost all Koreans take the test, and, generally, they must include their TOEIC scores on job applications. Having a low TOEIC score makes getting a top job very difficult. It’s also important throughout Korean workers’ careers, as promotions and salary raises are oftentimes tied TOEIC scores. I was hired […] Read more »

The Language Learning Blog

Language Learning Blog Ryan Wiley

This site has an interesting story. Before I built it, I had come up with a larger business strategy. The idea was to focus on selling language learning software programs. The sites would all have the same root name. For example, SpeakOut! Italian, SpeakOut! Japanese, SpeakOut! Arabic, and so on. My promotion plan was pretty […] Read more »

Speak Out! Italian

Speak Out Italian Ryan Wiley

Speak Out! Italian was my 4th site. By this time, I had learned an incredible amount about doing business online. I was happy with my progress. Jumping around the web, though, is a constant reminder of how much room there is for improvement. I wanted to step things up. My other affiliate sites, Make Energy Now […] Read more »

The Best Way to Learn Spanish

Best Way to Learn Spanish Ryan Wiley

  After adding the free Chinese and Korean courses to my Live in Asia Blog, and after getting a few commissions, I decided that selling premium language learning courses was a great way to expand my online presence. Here is what I liked about the niche. The products are rock solid. No gimmicks. No lies. […] Read more »

Make Energy Now

Make Energy Now Ryan Wiley

Make Energy Now was my first attempt at building an affiliate website. Before I started building it, I knew nothing. In fact, a few weeks earlier, I didn’t even know what affiliate marketing was. I was a freelance textbook author, and I had built a simple site to showcase my work, which I was trying […] Read more »

The Live in Asia Blog

Live in Asia Blog Ryan Wiley

Like many blogs, this one grew out of a passion, a passion to communicate, to tell the world where I had been and what I had done. Not the kind of blog that describes the toast I had for breakfast. Not the kind of blog that mentions quarrels with girlfriends, or the fabulous ice-cream cone […] Read more »